about us

The annual turn- over of wedding industry in India estimated to Rs. 1,25,000 Crores with increase of 10 to 20 % every year. Rajkot is also its part and parcel.

Wedding hub Rajkot is the platform where all traders, professionals and service providers are connected and covered under one umbrella, where people can access them easily with a single click. Then why not to take advantage of this service right now?


We cannot get best quality materials, items and services for auspicious ceremonies like engagement and marriage from our city because we don’t know much about such services providers & its location. Therefore, a website is created under the name and style of Wedding Hub. The registration is now made available in more than 70 categories for traders, professionals and service providers. We draw attrition of all such traders, professionals and service providers to join us by online registration. Wedding hub will help you to contact these traders, professionals and service providers easily.

Why Weddinghub?

The family who is arranging auspicious event like engagement or marriage may need to collect for all the materials like saree, jewellery, gift items, flowers, wedding cards, and wedding dress for bride or groom, fashion and beauty accessories, shoes and sandals etc .

You can contact the pergola (Mandap) service provider, hair care services, Artist, anchor, bridal makeup artist, caterers, musical party organiser, musician expert Group etc. These will be available at a finger tip and free of cost.


Wedding Hub Rajkot provides engagement, pre-wedding and all other wedding services as well as event management service only to the NRG and NRI clients.